Scheduling software that allows you to get paid in Bitcoin

Share the link to your public calendar 🗓 so that people can schedule you and pay you in Bitcoin.

Bookings paid in Bitcoin ⚡️

Anyone with your public link can book your time in the timeframe of your choice and can pay directly in Bitcoin. All without registration and in a matter of seconds.

Inbox user interface

Simple dashboard

Manage your bookings and withdraw your SATs in a second on your dashboard. Stay tuned as plenty of new features are coming to LNCal.

Customer profile user interface

A Calendar built for efficiency

Your clients can book you in a matter of seconds with no KYC and paying through Lightning ⚡️.

Easy calendar customizations

From making you whole day available to restricting it to a couple of hours, there are many things you can customize in your calendar.


We collect only your email to send you notifications about bookings. That's it.

Google Calendar

Connect with your Google Account and all your future events will display as busy and un-bookable times on your LNCal page.

Dynamic toggles

Add up to six toggles and potentially charge for each one of them.

People working on laptops


Completely free to use.

LNCal is free, and you will get 100% of your ask. We will add a small fee for your customers when they book you.

There are also Subscription plans available if you want to remove the Platform fee and have extra features.


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